Grantee Highlights


Empowered Youth Grantee


Kidznotes’ mission is to change the life trajectory of underserved k–12 students through orchestral training. We strongly believe that access to this opportunity is critical to lifetime achievement and well-being, and our goal is to empower those who otherwise would not have access to high-level musical opportunities. Our innovative, scalable model is inspired by the international program El Sistema, an evidence-based system of classical music for social change founded in Venezuela in 1975 by economist, composer, and conductor Jose Antonio Abreu. El Sistema offers free, government funded classical music training for young children from highly impoverished backgrounds. Since its inception, El Sistema has transformed the lives of millions of children. Read More.

Strong Families Grantee

Parent Encouragement Program

Of all of the factors that contribute to the healthy development and academic success of children, none are more important than their home environment and the quality of parenting they receive. Since 1982, the Parent Encouragement Program, or PEP, has helped over 35,000 parents in the Washington, DC metro raise their children to become capable, confident and resilient. PEP offers a variety of classes and programs for parents with children ages 2 to 18, covering topics such power struggles, effective listening, and positive discipline. PEP’s curriculum is based on the internationally acclaimed work of Alfred Adler, M.D., and Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., which promotes understanding children’s reasons for misbehavior, mutual respect between adults and children, developing children’s capabilities, and fostering cooperation and a sense of belonging. Read More.

Strong Families Grantee

The National Family Resiliency Center

The National Family Resiliency Center, Inc. (NFRC) is a private, nonprofit organization specializing in helping families through transitions. NFRC has offices in Rockville and Columbia. Read More.